My friends and I travelled to Venice post Morocco. They were spending less than 24 hours in the city, whilst I had 2 days to explore the canals, ice cream stores, museums, Basilica’s and alleys of Venice.

During my time exploring the city, I would definitely recommend a map or a phone that connects to WIFI. That sounds kind of obvious, but with some many narrow alleys, I spend about 1.5 hours trying to figure out how to get off the island! Every new street that you turn down, you see something completely different that you did not realise was there at first. What I found helpful was, having your phone loaded to WIFI. Put in the route that you wish to go. Then, when you’re away from the restaurant that provided you with this gem of free WIFI; you can still monitor where you are walking and if you’re going in the right direction from the preloaded map.

I would also definitely recommend looking up places that you want to visit before going onto the island.Once you are there, you become mesmerised by all the shops and gelato and canals that can be seen (or at least I did). Venice is also super safe to be travelling round by yourself and as a girl. Even if you are wondering through alleys on your own at night, it usually leads you to a more busy street, with lots of people. I was there last week and even though it’s not peak season yet, it was super busy. Possibly due to the Easter break, but also because it is such a nice location with great weather. So just keep in mind that lots of people will have the same idea as you and will want to see the same sights, so allow more time when visiting destinations.

For cheaper accommodation I’d recommend a hostel and ideally off the island. The one that I stayed had a direct shuttle that took you as close to the island as it could. It also did a return service. This was a great way to figure out how best to get on and off the island.

Overall, Venice is a beautiful destination and I wold highly recommend it to anyone to go and visit. Below are some shots that I took of the place.


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