Fotos de Barcelona

Some shots taken in Barcelona during the weekend I spent with my parents.


Exterior of the La Sagrada Familia, it’s still under construction and is hopefully going to be finished in 2026.


Interior of the La Sagrada Familia, the stained glass windows are amazing and incredibly intricate, my family and I were lucky enough to go on a sunny day making it even more special.


Another angle from inside La Sagrada, showing the details and grandeur of the architecture.


More stained glass windows because they are so funky and pretty.


An almost bird’s eye view of the city from the Passion Tower, La Sagrada Familia. To the far left is the actual Sagrada, we were able to see different parts of the architecture and the areas they were still constructing as you walked down the stairs.


Funky park (Ciutadella Park) that we found on a spontaneous walk through the city. The arch in the background had gold horses on top (or maybe gold leaf), these were sparkling in the sun and looked magnificent. If you keep walking around inside, you also come across a lake where anyone can hire a boat and go paddling. We tried this out and it was a lot of fun, although it was tricky getting some semblance of synchronisation!!


Interior of a different church located in the centre of town.


Sunrise from the AirBnb that my family and I were staying at, thought it was cool how there was mist in the background, but it had all disappeared from where we were staying.


Park Güell – the main entrance and stairway to the the park.


Close up of the tiling and architecture created by Gaudi et al.


Qué bonito.


Different angle of the tiling and the city view.


Great use of modern architecture, this structure looks just like an artwork, but if you look closely you can see steps in the jaws of the creature. That’s because it’s also part slide and the little kid’s were definitely enjoying it.


España Industrial Park, this was very cool. Originally I thought that it was just a bunch of monuments and it didn’t look that exciting but as you got closer there was a lovely park and lake. People were sitting in various areas close to the water and sun tanning.


Chocolates in La Boqueria


Fruit, glorious fruit, nothing else matters.


Macaron shells with icecream inside, I had literally just arrived and this was the first place that my parents and I went. I hadn’t eaten since I had left Pamplona at 5.30am (it’s a 35 minute walk to the station – but because I left late I had to do a quick run!) So by the time I got to the market I was pretty hungry, the necessity for food was quickly solved by having a kinder macaron icecream sandwich, a delicious and healthy choice!


Eye candy…


Exterior to Gaudi’s house, very groovy building, am sure it was even groovier inside.


Types into google: Church in the city of Barcelona (aka. pretty-church-but-can’t-remember-it’s-name)


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