Brilliant Barcelona or Gaudi Appreciation Post?

On Friday, I left for a 4 hr train ride to visit my parents for the first time in more than 3 months. I was very excited and emotional to see them again. However, the night before I had been out for juevinchos so I was a little tired and delirious when I woke up in the morning or when I woke up after 4 hrs of sleep post drinking!!! Taking my time, and realising that packing your bag last minute (aka 30 mins before having to be out of the door) for a 3 day trip was not a good idea. I then ran to the train. Having 10 mins to spare I hopped on the train and as soon as it started moving, I popped on my eye mask and went to sleep.

Seeing my parents for the first time, in the flesh was very exciting. I had been building the day up for the past week and seeing them was both, exciting but tiring. We decided to stay in an Airbnb, close-ish to the La Sagrada Familia and about 10 mins on the metro line, so it was very convenient. Although I can’t comment on any of the nightlife aka. all the pubs, bars and discotecas, I can comment on the interesting things that I saw and did during the trip.

My top recommendations aka. the sites I visited in the 48 hrs that I was there.

  • La Sagrada Familia 
  • A Roman Catholic Church designed by Gaudi, this spot is a busy tourist site.I am a serious fan of church’s and am obsessed with the architecture, so it has to here for this list to be legit. The church still has cranes lurking around it, and this is due to it still being constructed, it’s actually predicted to be finished in 2026, which coincides with Gaudi’s death.
    • My family and I went on the Friday and it was a lot of fun – although very crowded. You have to book you tickets prior to travelling there. I would also recommend the audio guide – although you look a little dorky with the box around your neck.
    • FF: (funfact or other recommendations) – My family and I booked a tour to go up one of the tower’s, the Passion tower. It was approx 70 metres up from the base of the church and from there you could see:
      • The church’s exterior and closer display of it’s architecture and decorations
      • The surrounding city of Barcelona and the park nearby the church
  • Park Güell 
    • This was another site also designed by Gaudi, in conjunction with other architects. It is a park that has beautiful buildings with mosaics covering parts of stone here and there. I would definitely recommend going, especially when it is a sunny day, as you can enjoy the view of the city from the top of the hill where the park is located. Plus there is a beautiful garden surrounding the fountains and architecture. However, you do have to pay for entrance to certain sections of the park, and this was the most heavily crowded with tourists, but the view is amazing, coming in handy for the insta snaps!!!
  • Exterior to Gaudi’s House 
    • This was located in the middle of one of the main walkways in Barcelona – La Rumbla, you are literally walking along and then BAM, Gaudi’s house. From the outside, the architecture was pretty fascinating, like a wave effect going across the building.
    • You can go to look inside, although the line is pretty long. My family and I decided to forgo this and head on further down the street in sunshine. But, from the pictures I have seen, the interior looks just as funky as it’s exterior.
  • Mercado de la Boqueria 
    • This market was also located on La Rumbla and was such an amazing site to see. The selection of chocolates, fruits, fish, nuts, meat, cheese was varied and in between these shops pinxtos bar’s were located. So you could have a snack from something you bought in a store, and relax with a glass of tinto de verano (a summer wine, like sangria, but with a heavier influence of lemon – it’s delicious)

So far, I think that Barcelona has been my favourite city to visit, there is so much to see and do there. I would definitely recommend visiting.


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