5 Weird things in Spain

Just some observations that I have noticed so far from living in SpainOb.

1. Footpaths are the go to, if you leave the path it’s not good. It’s like from the Princess Diaries’ when Mia steps onto the lawn at the palace and the guard’s yell at her in various languages to get off the lawn. Whenever I leave the footpath, I feel like I’m being a rebel and that something bad will happen now that I have deterred from the normal pattern of life. It’s weird how something so small, makes you automatically more conscious about your actions and whether or not you are conforming to the societal standards of that country.

2. Kettle’s are non-existent, cups of tea are no longer, not that I drank tea much, but it’s weird that there is no utensil specifically designed for this hot beverage. One has to do the uncivilized thing and boil water in a pan, crazy I know!! It’s almost traumatic, the attachment one has to an item in the kitchen. In order to get over this harrowing experience, I have decided to boil water in the pan and hope for the best.

3. Smoking is cool and lung cancer is in. That sounds super judgmental and tbh it is. I’m not saying that I’m perfect either, it’s just with all the advertisements in Aus showing lungs. How they decapitate, the fungus and the operations you have to go through in order to have your lungs working to the same extent prior to smoking, makes almost anyone turn off smoking completely. However, I’m not sure if these ads are common in España and could therefore explain why so many people smoke casually. I have got to admit though, it does look a little cool smoking outdoors in a group, like a gang or a squad, the chilly winter air doesn’t excite me though. But the fur coats and the wind howling round is quite a dramatic picture.

4. Beer is everywhere, like everywhere and it’s cheap. You can get it at Burger King, just casually with your fries. It’s pretty cool, on some days – esp. Thursday’s you can get pinchos (tapas) and cerveza (beer) for €1, which is pretty good bargain.

5. In Aus, crossings are interesting things, it’s a combo of dodging cars and walking like a catwalk model to the other side. In Spain, crossings don’t matter. Car’s don’t even make an attempt to pretend to slow down, they keep moving at the same pace and you have to walk super fast to get out of the way, otherwise you are the next thing on the road. A great motivator in the morning to wake up anyone!!!


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