Spain, the first 12 hrs in the country

**Disclaimer the post is a little outdated as I am behind on writing this journal/diary/adventure book!!!!

I have arrived!!! I made it after 23 hrs of travel, and a few awkward conversations with my seat mates. I arrived in Madrid airport. Rn, it’s 5.56AM Spanish time and I am struggling to sleep, not sure if jet lag or excitement. It’s that combination of being knackered and so enthusiastic for what’s around the corner. I have to be up in 2 hrs anyway, to go downstairs for my free continental breakfast – don’t want to miss out on that!!!

So far, the locals in Spain have been so friendly. I’m not sure if it’s because I have this general air of ‘no idea what the hell I’m doing’ or the fact that I’m a bumbling individual trying to say Spanish phrases with less than 50% of being understood. But nevertheless, someone came to my rescue. I was struggling to figure out how to get from Madrid to Atocha and this kind gentlemen not only directed me onto a bus but came with me to another airport terminal to show me where to go. Although tbh I was a bit unsure as to whether he was a nice person or really creepy, the experience restored my faith in the fact that individuals can do nice deeds for others. Anyway, he left me at the train station within the airport, me saying muchas gracias, he without so much of a goodbye, disappeared.

After this kindness, I continued on my quest to purchase a train ticket. I provided some comic relief for the local security guards who were watching in amusement at me trying to lift my 16kg pack onto my back whilst moving a trolley whilst taking care of my suitcase and not being robbed. Consequently I looked like a moron – but I suppose this is no more than usual!!

After all this hustle and bustle, I made it to my room. And that is the end, I didn’t do anything else for the rest of my 7 months here. The end…



Actually before the end, I went to this cool museum called Museo Nacional Centro de Arte (National Museum Centre of Art) that was free from the hours of 7-9pm. It was really interesting, I went to see a few exhibitions Marcel Broodthaers and Tamar Guimerães, which were both temporary ones. Since I was falling half asleep I decided that it was probably best for me to go home rather than check out the other 3 floors! So that’s the first day in España….

End scene. Fade to black.


Some lights in the middle of a roundabout in Spain, for some reason this still makes me think of Christmas.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Madrid, Spain

The architecture of the building’s in Spain is so cool. I especially love the colour scheme that’s introduced halfway through the building – there’s probably a more technical name for that somewhere!! Plus, the Hunchback of Notre Dame-esq sculptures on the top of the building are pretty amazing.



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